The concept of using a vape pen for wax or other marijuana extracts is appealing to many. The truth is that Wax Vape Pens fail when it comes to vaping wax, shatter, and other marijuana concentrates. It is a simple matter of science that makes Wax Pens inherently flawed for vaping.

Vaping consist of turning a liquid into a vapor hence the name vaping. Smoking consists of burning a solid and creating smoke. Wax, Shatter, Budder and even Honey Oil are solid based substances. The concept of vaping is based on turning liquid into vapor.

Wax pens face several limitations that hinder their performance and efficiency as compared to a vape pen used to create vapors. Creating heat and transferring it to a solid matter with a small heating element is the first challenge. All Vape pens are limited to the amount of heat they can produce and how long they can produce that heat by the battery,

The fact it takes more heat to ignite a solid and create a vapor or smoke is basic. All matter consists of three states. 1. Solids 2. Liquids  3. Gases  This is a simple law of nature.  This is easy to see in a common substance we are all familiar with, water is a perfect example. Water takes the form of Ice, Water, and Steam. What form is it easiest to make water into steam?
Vape Pens for WaxThis question sounds ridiculous but explains the shortcomings of wax pens perfectly. Liquids are closer to a gas form than a solid thus it is much easier to turn liquid into a gas be it a liquid based vapor or smoke. It takes less heat is just the first aspect. The second aspect is how do you apply the heat. Let’s go back to the example of water.

If you put ice in a pan and place it on a stove burner the pan gets hot.  The heat travels through the pan and makes contact with the ice… however, it is also making contact with the air between the ice cubes. This heat is wasted. Same principle for you wax pen. The pen needs to be loaded in a manner where you are not wasting your battery heating air instead of shatter or wax. If you can pack the wax in so there is no air the pen becomes more efficient.

So let’s re-create this with the water. We place the pan in the freezer with water in it and freeze the water to ice leaving no air gaps. We have eliminated a problem but have created another. Now it will take a higher temperature and more energy to bring the water to the melting point. This translates to a bigger challenge for the batteries and heat element in the wax pen. This results in shorter battery and heat element life because of the added power requirements.

Wax Vape PenCreating heat with electricity is very demanding. It takes much more energy to create heat than it does to create light, run a cell phone or any other item we use in a handheld device. Creating enough heat to turn a liquid into a vapor is much less demanding and requires less energy. This is the ugly truth of Wax Pens.  They are based on a process that vaporizes liquids. This design when applied to trying to turn a solid into a vapor, will always be less efficient. That is the ugly truth about wax pens.

The solution is easy with the right tools. If you turn the Wax, Shatter, Budder or other marijuana extracts into liquid and then place them into a vape pen you have your solution.  By making the marijuana concentrate into a liquid the need for a Wax Pen is now obsolete. A standard Vape Pen or atomizer is all that is needed to start vaping marijuana extracts the vape pen can do the job it was designed to do, to turn a liquid into a vapor.

Wax Liquidizer does exactly what the name implies. It does this fast and easy turning wax, shatter, crumble, BHO, budder and other clear based concentrates into liquid and makes vaping marijuana extracts easy. Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to liquidize marijuana concentrates.

You can also see this video Wax to Oil / Vape Oil on Vimeo.

Not only is this a fast and easy process it also provides you a vape juice that creates odorless clouds. This makes vaping concentrates a very discreet process.  The clouds may be odorless yet the taste is anything but non-descript. Wax Liquidizer comes in 6 great tasting smooth flavors. Grape Ape, Pineapple Express, Ice Hit, Strawberry Cough, Banana OG and Original. The E juice mix kit you saw in the video is also available including the measuring syringe.

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