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Wax Liquidizer Reviews

Wax Liquidizer is always looking for ways to improve our products and services. We want to know from you the customer what you like most about our product. We also would like to hear Your Reviews on what you like and what we can improve on in the comments section. Help us make Vaping Wax not only discreet but even more flavorful by telling us what flavor you want us to add!

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A few Reviews from past customers:

Albert G

Ice Hit is the bomb... Super quick wax to Vape juice and awesome taste!

Mandy K

Soo Easy to use. i turned my concentrate into liquid and was vaping some great tasting banana flavored ejuice in no time!

Danny J

This stuff is Great! Great Flavor and NO aftertast. Super easy to use.... And no smell when i'm at the park 😉

Jenny W

Make vaping my favorite concentrate easy. I Love the original WL flavor it's smooth and no aftertase... yeah i know I'm boring lol

Steve S

Wax Liquidizer made my Shatter into liquid in just a couple of minutes. Love the fact I can vape great flavors with great concentrates anytime anywhere!

issac graser

how much (cartridge oil) oil can u get from doing just the 1 gram of oil to the 2-3 ml of wax liquidizer


I mix perfect ration 1:2 and 1:2.5ml, like everyone says, tried 2 different nice glass cartridges that any cartridge from CO, and burnt rubber on 15 cartridges. Mixed down, dissolved all wax, nothing. It tastes worse each hit and I’ve tried every battery, every coil and cart possible and nothing works. Good wax and Idk what’s going on. It’s tasted good a day at most and. Then to shit. I’m so frustrated cause I see how good it can taste then it goes to rubber. Whyyyy

michael j sprague

I have enjoyed a few of the flavors but for some reason I am getting a weird almost peanut butter taste and smell. Does it sour quickly after opening or mixing?


The shatter I have tastes amazing already so I just got the original wax liquidizer. I was not disappointed. Easy to mix with instructions right on the 30ml bottle. I definitely recommend ordering syringes and the only downside I found is the dropper doesn't have measurements so it's pretty much useless. Luckily I ordered 10 3ml syringes and used one of them to draw the liquidizer. Filled the other 9 with vape oil.

Alyssa May

This stuff saved my life & my wallet!! Works like a charm doesnt seperate the kit makes it really easy I am so grateful for this produxt its saved me literally hundreds of dollars & Ive only been using wax liquidizer for 4 months so its worth it I highly recommend

Kenneth Hammond

A friend of mine suggested this for me to use with my oil. I see and taste no difference. I am even using a 3-4:1 ratio.


Should I decarb my live resin crumble as seen in other tutorials or just mix and go? Heard nothing but good things and want to add to the positive buzz of this new product by ready when it gets here in the mail. Ibordered flavorless and plan to add diablo og terps to some jet fuel live. And should I remove fats and lipids or does winterization even matter if the products super clean and fresh?

Novice Vape Experienced Smoker

Hello. First time using this product. Followed the directions to the T. Now I am an experienced smoker and after making mine via microwave method with Pineapple, it works but it tastes very strong like the overwhelming aftertaste of special brownies. I don't taste the pineapple and have to vape a lot to really feel the effects. I am not unhappy or want to say bad things about this product, I would just like to educate myself a little more. Should I mix a flavor with the peppermint flavor? Also what kind of ratio would you recommend for someone like SnoopDog? Thank you for your time and product!


Wonderful product. Works exactly as advertised. And it tastes delicious. Don't be afraid to experiment and adjust. It took me about 2-3 iterations before I found the ratio that gave me the consistency and potency balance I was looking for. The price is great too. I went into this expecting it to be a fairly moderate investment that would save me money in the long term. But it works so well that I was able to immediately add miles to the life of my concentrates. Effectively saving money the very first second I used it. Kudos folks! Stellar product.


This is great tried pineapple and original, have yet to try the ice hit, but I have some. Really want the blueberry. Some people have issues with taste but what I recommend is I use Fogg Terpene to get some extra flavor 1drop per 1ml. Use coupon code (Sorry no affiliate links in the comment section) on their site and save 15% best flavor yet is jack herrer but all are good.


Bought the grape ape and banana og worked great and tasted good too thanks
Any chance you plan on a bubblegum flavor like one of your competitors? Would definitely buy that


Great product will definitely buy again.


Got my wax Liquidizer in the mail here in Eugene Oregon in 2days. Just used it for the first time with a CCell cartridge and CCell palm battery and let me tell you what, THESE PRODUCT WORKS FLAWLESSLY! I didn't want to spend 100 $ on a sample pack and be dissatisfied but then I got on their twitter on 4/20 and Couldn't be happier I did because they advertised a 420liquidizer promo code with 35$ off so I thought I'd a take a 65$ shot in the dark and it was worth it 10 fold! Thanks for making quality stuff whoever it is that whips it up in the lab. More money will coming from me to your company in the near future !haha..


Just got my pineapple and I'm loving it! Took me a minute to get mix ratio right but yum yum


Picked up the banana flavor at my local store and tasted alright. Not sure if I put to much or too little but worked as advertised and nothing separated. Other than overwhelming banana taste it was amazing. Trying the pineapple next!

Wayne H

Mixed the original as instructed with both shatter and wax, works as advertised. Very smooth at the lowest settings. I have noticed that the flavor is much better if you let it sit overnight.... freshly made it was a bit harsher. Thanks for a great product.


The Blueberry flavor is YUM-O! Tasty and smooth. I wish there was a vanilla or raspberry flavor! So glad I found you! 😉


can you use less liquidizer for more potent vape juice also how many times should refill the same atimizer


So I first ordered the sample kit and got the kit to try and I went through it so fast it was unbelievable out of the 100s of cartridges I have made already I haven't had a single complaint and the liquidizer is easy to use also I have made mixtures with the different flavors such as strawberry banana they all mix very well together... 100s of people can't be wrong this is def the greatest product of it's kind on the market highly recommended
I have now upgraded to purchasing a couple of the 60ml bottles at a time great buy greatest way to use your concentrates anywhere without anyone knowing..

Heathcliff CAMPBELL

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and have ordered twice now. Canada Customs stopped the first order, so it took 18 days to get from Colorado to here. The second order was NOT stopped and made it to me in 5 business days. That is correct. So, Canadians, this product is still so new, do not be surprised if your first order is Customs-delayed and takes longer. Hopefully, Customs will learn quickly, as I anticipate they're going to see A LOT of this product coming north! Especially until we convince local businesses to distribute it so we can avoid cross-border shipping times, etc.
This product is everything people say it is - and more!! The YouTube videos show how simple mixing is; my pocket is already showing how economical it is! Here, a local store is selling 0.5m refill vape pen cartridges for $80CAD each! I can purchase 1/2 gram of shatter for $20CAD , add Wax Liquidizer and refill 3 or more cartridges! After a single month, my cannabis med costs are going down. In fact, might I share that, were it NOT for Wax Liquidizer, I would NEVER have been able to switch to the healthier vape pen.... Thank-you!!
One question, please. In my exuberance of mixing, I mixed 1/2 gram of (Pink Kush) Bubble Hash with 2ml of Liquidizer. Currently, my vape pen is functioning okay. But, I read above that bubble hash is NOT recommended. Nuts! Will I be okay to smoke through these and just not do it again? Or will smoking through even this amount shorten the life of - or terminate - my vape pen? Please advise. I'll check back for your reply.
Otherwise, I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this product. As long as I use vape pens, I suspect I will be a regular customer. I've only tried the original, flavourless, so far as I didn't want to spoil the delightful taste of my favourite Pink Kush. But, I am intrigued by the consistently "happy-surprise" feedback surrounding the Pineapple Flavour, so am hopeful to treat myself to this flavour on a future order. I've been telling so many people about this product that you'll doubtless enjoy a few more orders from the Vancouver area. (Including relentlessly bugging my 2 local cannabis clubs to carry it.) Can't say enough; this is a real benefit! THANK-YOU!!!


Great product. Tried a few and this one is the best one. I love the grape and strawberry. I am trying to pineapple tonight! Very excited.


Order grape Ape on the weekend. Here by Wednesday. Picked it up through a local supllier for Canada. Works great no issues. Just curious if there's is a wattage we should be vaping it at or just normal wattage?

daphne garcia

Recieved my order a few days ago and it was daran wraped and half of tje syringes were completely smashed


Tried Banana OG. As others mentioned microwave method does not work as well as water bath stove top method. Mixed very well. Super clear high grade concentrate used. Vaped super smooth and smell was very discreet for the concentrate I used. Would definitely like to try the other flavors.


Hey, I plan on buying some of these products, but I was wondering how this product does with cannabutter? I've seen people do it successfully, but I want to know for sure if it may have some negative affect on my vape pen down the line or not.

daniel craig

i am ordering some origional now.previously i used a brand called ej mix.it worked well but i had a friend suggest this brand was better.im sticking with origional "flavorless" due to the fact that i already have multiple terpens that i will mix myself.i am curious if your flavored options are made with real terpens because there is no price difference to reflect that if so,and if any one knows how many drops of my terps to use that would be nice.i plan to use 1 gram concentrate, 1.5 ml wax liquidizer and 2 drops of terps...opinions?


Well finally got liquidizer and product is great as advertised. Shipping took way too long for a company that charges for shipping. Had a very rude customer representative, that would be fired if he worked for me. I left a review on Friday and you deleted it, or someone did maybe ken your rude customer service rep. So good product, horrible customer service twice know.

Kay skel

I like this stuff but I've had some issues.
First ordered strawberr and had a problem with the locking screw cap, extremely hard to remove. Second order and the cap on my pineapple is so messed up and hard to remove that I ended up spilling half the bottle. Grape par bottle was fine. Also have leaking issues filling cartridges.


Can the liquidizer be used in a mod ? All I see on here is stuff about cartridges. I don’t wanna kill my baby lol or blow myself up.


Can I use plastic disposable cartridge or should they be glass tank cartridges?


You guys rock . Great taste , tried pinneaple , grape and strawberry . Pinneaple is the best !!!!


Worked wonderfully with my concentrate, product is great , good flavours , the kit is perfect , great customer service as well !!!!


Does the finished product suit well with disposable pen tops?


So what would be the ratio for an average smoker? Not a heavy smoker


Will this work with FECO?


So question it took longer then ten seconds I followed directions but took more mirowave time is it true the more microwaved the more thc u loose? Makes no sense when that's what it says to do? Please help. What's the best way and what should I use ml wise for shatter/wax that's thick and hard ?

Jammin PJ

I was curious how your product works with live resin? I plan on mixing Wax Liquidizer with live resin and then adding one drop of fresh terps. Will thing work or will it be too clunky due to the consistency of live resin?


is it ok to mix 4ml to 1 gr of wax?


Is it suppose to taste like a vape don't taste like anything

Big Steve

Started off buying the Pineapple Express and original flavor on Friday and received them both on Saturday. Tried them both and loved them so much I have gone back and ordered the ice hit today (which is the Monday after my original purchase). I can't wait to get it and see if I enjoy it as much as I have the first two. I had problems at first with the flavor, then I lowered my settings on my mod and boom best product ever!

La Flama Blanca

Received the starter kit. Doesn't seperate which is good. I found that if your mixing it to their directions ( 2ml per g) than that is stretching the product to where you just keep puffing and puffing and you never blow the house down. I find that 1ml per g is good if your still looking for the effect with a little bit of flavor. Don't put it in the microwave. An electric skillet works just fine to heat the shot glass.


I receive my Pineapple Express in the mail today was highly excited. Danced around my whole kitchen amazed with the flavor. Can't wait to try new flavors soon ??


1 st time user of the product so don't have a favorite one yet .. Tried the Strawberry Cough and the regular no taste one !! I mixed 1 ml of each with one gram of fresh pressed rosin ..

Not wanting to lose any THC or terpenes Instead of M/W both the mix and the rosin or wax I just M/W the oil and then added the wax after .. It still mixed well after a few minutes of continues stirring .. While mixing equal parts of both the strawberry cough and the regular no taste the vapor hits were quite tasty without being over bearing ..


How long will the mixture keep after mixing and any storage advice? And can I put my mixture in regular vape juice


Having the same exact issues that Matt (from below) is having.... Product is super easy to use, but the taste is horrible after about a day of use! I don't get it.. It seems to work fine at first but the taste seems to turn bad after about a day. Any suggestions or thoughts why?


Stuff is great. Grape ape flavor is unreal. Put in a used cartridge and still insane for about 10 puffs. Then it leaked out. Any suggestion on best cartridge for these to use with a vape pen with adjustable heat button?

alia dyche

Beautiful product!!!? The options are endless now for refilling my vape cartriges. Amazing on very first use, will definitely be a repeat customer.


just purchased my Original flavor Wax liquidizer but the taste its really really bad, like burned rubber..
what did i do wrong?
i used hash oil 1:2 as suggested

otherwise good product


I ordered this product on 5/14/2017 and received it on the other side of the country on 5/18/2017!!!!!!! Their standard flat rate shipping is fast and amazing! I personally messaged the company and asked quite a few questions regarding this product and they answered all my questions in a timely manner, and they were just as nice as can be! TOP NOTCH customer service for sure!!!! So far as the product goes itself, it is AMAZING! Super easy and quick to use. The taste was perfect also(no bad aftertaste or anything bad at all)! I had a little rosin and RSO(not runny at all though, pretty sap consistency like) laying around when i recieved my wax liquidizer bottle, so that's what i used for my first batch and it worked flawlessly 🙂 i can't wait to try it with some wax or shatter! I will be using this product from here on out to make my own vape cartridges instead of buying them. I would also recommend this product to everyone! This company and their products truly are top of the line!!!! Pics attached are of the first batch with rosin and RSO