Many are making the switch to vaping, because they’ve discovered how much healthier vaping is, and because of the new easy way to turn concentrates into e liquid. To get the most out of vaping, you should remember some of these tips, until you get experienced enough to have your own routine. Check out this video to see the ease and benefits of turning concentrates into e liquid.

Vaping tips you should consider

Be open-minded – vaping does not completely duplicate your smoking experience. It’s really a completely different kind of satisfaction than what you used to know from smoking, and in truth it’s a much bigger world to explore, with so many of enjoyable combinations of concentrates and the flavors available from Wax Liquidizer to mix and match.

Check E-liquid levels – before you begin your vaping experience, check to be sure you have loaded enough vape juice in your vaping device. If the level is too low, you may get a very unpleasant taste, and if it’s dry or almost gone, that could damage your device.

Choose your vaping device wisely – especially when you’re transitioning to vaping from smoking, you should find something that feels somewhat similar to holding a traditional choice for smoking. Even if you eventually discover that you want to try something much more exotic, the transition goes more smoothly if you start out with something akin to a something your used to.


Experiment with inhaling – you will quickly find that vaping doesn’t taste like smoking a blunt, and it doesn’t burn the same way either, so at first you should try a number of different inhalation techniques to see what’s right for you.

Be cautious with heat settings – with any new vaping device, be careful about the heat setting, because some of them have various settings for voltage and wattage. It’s best to start at the lowest settings of each, and then gradually increase them as needed.

Stay supplied – early on, you should figure out how long your batteries last between charges, how long it takes you to go through E-liquid, and how long all your other vaping kit supplies last, and plan accordingly.

Don’t skimp on cost – if you are past the experimentation phase, and you know that you will continue vaping, it’s time to invest in a high-quality device, so you don’t leave yourself feeling unsatisfied. This will undoubtedly help to maximize your experience.

Be careful with E-liquid – if you have young children in the household, keep in mind that Wax Liquidizer E-liquid flavors are very appealing and that youngsters will be attracted to those wonderful aromas. But you certainly won’t want children swallowing a concentrated dose along with the pleasant fruity flavor of your E-liquid.

We hope these tips are useful for you, and that you find they increase your enjoyment of vaping, make sure and try all the great flavors available. Turn shatter into e juice easily with Wax Liquidizer.