Vaping marijuana extracts has many benefits. Vapor vs. Smoke is a health benefit, the odorless clouds that provide discreet vaping can be beneficial. Getting the max value out of your concentrate can also be a benefit. That is the focus of this article.

First, let’s take a look at what vaping really consist of. Vaping and vape pens were created using the principle to turn a liquid into a vapor. The taste and what the vape juice is infused with has been a variable.  The key point is that the design is to take a liquid and turn it into a vapor.

Vaping cannabis concentrates or extracts is becoming a preferred method of enjoying concentrates like Wax, Shatter and Budder. This can be done in a few different ways. The first being a vape pen that is designed specifically for MJ Concentrates. These pens require more amps, stronger batteries, and other modifications to handle the temperatures and challenges of turning a solid into a vapor.

Wax Vape PenIt is easy to see that this concept is based on trying to design a product to deliver a solid to a vapor. This is like the cars that are designed to also be boats. Cars and boats both transport people. One works on a solid and one works on a liquid. Cars that are modified to be boats are never as good as a great boat or a great car.

Think about the physics of heating something up in your kitchen. Take some water and expose it to heat by putting it in a pan and placed on the stove. Turn up the heat and watch the steam start to rise from the hot water. The process didn’t take long and was easy without a huge amount of heat.

Now let’s do the same experiment with ice. Did it take longer? Did you need more heat? Did it make sense to use heat to make a simple solid into a vapor as compared to making a liquid into a vapor? Why was it more difficult to turn the ice to a vapor?

  • The solid did not make complete contact with the heat unlike the liquid.
  • The natural evolution of gas/vapor is Solid to Liquid to Vapor
  • Turning solids to vapor require the solid liquidize to some degree before it becomes a gas

Now let’s look at the second way to vape 420 concentrates. What if we liquidize the  THC concentrate in a process and then putting it into a vape pen that is designed to turn liquids to vapors. This would provide all the efficiency we saw in heating water as compared to heating ice. We are now able to vape MJ extracts the way the vaping was designed to work.

This process is not only easy it is quick and also provides you an opportunity to flavor the THC infused ejuice into a tasty THC power packed vape juice. Check out this video to see just how easy this is.

You can also watch this video Vaping Marijuana Extracts Made Quick/Easy & Tasty on Vimeo.

Now that you see just how easy it is to liquidize marijuana concentrates the only thing left to consider is what to use for this process. There are a few products and DIY methods available. The common downfall of these methods and products are:

EJmix Wholsale1. The vape juice separates like into layers like a cheap salad dressing providing bad taste, and clogging up your rig.

2.Taste you can Google more than one review that comments on the vape juice having a nasty taste or leaving a chemical aftertaste when vaped.

3. A variety of flavors and sizes available to choose from.

Wax Liquidizer uses a proprietary blend of the highest quality ingredients on the market to formulate a Great Tasting Liquidizer that does nor separate. The choice of six different flavors including our Trademark Original formula, Grape Ape, Pineapple, Strawberry Cough, Banana OG, and Ice Hit (Menthol). All of these flavors come in a variety of sizes. A sample pack with all Six Flavors and our Wax e-juice mix kit is also available.

Wax Liquidizer was recently named “420 Product of The Year” if you are ready to start vaping marijuana extracts in the most efficient manner using your current vape device you need look no further you can see all the Wax Liquidizer flavors, mix kit and sizes available all you need to do is……
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