Pineapple THC Vape Juice A Huge Hit

Wax Liquidizer hit a cannabis vape lounge recently to see what vapers thought of our revolutionary product. We offered them some pineapple flavored THC vape juice mixed up with a quality concentrate and Pineapple Express Wax Liquidizer.

You’ll see from the video that everyone loved the flavor and the experience of using the juice. They vaped the Wax Liquidizer THC Vape juice blend through a 510 threaded 3ml cartridge with a disposable battery. We mixed them up a special blend of premium honey oil and our favorite pineapple mixing liquid.

They made comments about how natural the flavor was, and we obviously agree. It’s subtle, and, as one vaper pointed out, something you gently experience when you exhale. It never dominates the flavor of your honey oil or wax.

As you can see from the very basic vape used in this clip, Wax Liquidizer works in nearly every type of vape system. This means whether you have a simple, 510 cartridge pen or a sub-ohm mod, you can vape big clouds of tasty THC vape juice thanks to our product.

Cost Savings Of DIY THC Vape Juice

While it’s hard to beat the convenience of Wax Liquidizer, people are stunned by the cost savings as well. With a little of our product and a gram of wax, you can make enough THC vape juice to make at least six cartridges. That’s at our recommended ratio of 2 mls of mixing solution to 1 gram of wax.

If you like a more diluted mix, you can stretch your wax even further. By mixing 3 mls of the solution to 1 gram of concentrate you get nine cartridges! You have complete control when you turn concentrates into vape juice with Wax Liquidizer.

Incredible Control With Your THC Vape Juice

The atomizers with adjustable wattage and big tanks mean incredible temperature control. This translates to a very specialized vape experience. You can control both the airflow and the vape temperature for a smooth cloud of potent cannabinoids.

The sky is the limit if you are an experienced vaper. However, if you are a novice you can use Wax Liquidizer to make THC vape juice for use in disposable cartridges or pod systems as well. The pods are a hot item right now because they are so easy to use. They load quickly and are ideal for vaping on the go.

The pods themselves are cheaper than sub-ohm tanks. This makes them ideal to have in bulk so you can swap out flavors whenever you want.

While the vapers in our clips enjoyed Pineapple Express mixing solution, there are five other flavors for you to choose from. Blueberry is our newest. If you don’t want any flavors in your juice, pick the flavorless ‘original.’

How To Make The THC Vape Juice In The Flavor Of Your Choice

Making THC Vape juice is a three-step process which is fast and easy.

If you want the absolute fastest results, drop a gram of concentrate and 2 mls of Wax Liquidizer into a microwave safe container and heat for 5-10 seconds. Stop and stir. Repeat this until the mix combines. It should only take one spin in the microwave to do the job.

If you want to avoid the microwave, just use a hot water bath or even your hairdryer to heat the mix. All you have to do is warm the two components (concentrate and Wax Liquidizer) enough to combine them.

Now add the THC infused vape juice into the vaping system you prefer and revel in how easy it was to vape smarter and cheaper! Wax Liquidizer makes it simple to turn concentrates into e juice.

Maybe we’ll see you in our next video.