A Hint Of Blueberry With Your THC E-Liquid

I taste a hint of blueberries, yet I taste that cannabis that I also want to taste. It’s not just a blueberry flavor, which I do not like. I want to taste my cannabis. – Satisfied Vaper

We LOVE that sentiment. In fact, it’s why we created the Wax Liquidizer flavors the way we did. One of the major complaints we had with vape cartridges and lesser DIY mix solutions came down to the flavor. Your THC E-Liquid should still taste like cannabis.

We aren’t kids and these aren’t juice boxes. They’re adult medication or recreational supplements that we passionately love. If you’re taking a shot, you need a mixer. For cannabis, part of the beautiful experience is the flavor itself.

Thankfully, when we took Wax Liquidizer out on the town to a local vape lounge, the customers there really got it. They seemed to get us too. We were all on the same page: give us affordable THC E-Liquid with a subtle flavor enhancer. Keep your perfumy, overly fruity tanks to yourself.

Other Things You’ll Love About Wax Liquidizer THC E-Liquid Mix

As you’ll see from the video, all of the vapers we hooked up were hitting sizable clouds from very simple setups. They had a disposable vape cartridge on a 510 threaded battery that couldn’t be simpler to use.

If you like that idea but aren’t a fan of the cartridges, pod-style systems work just as well. They’re also super convenient and easy to grab at any corner store.

If you want the ultimate control over your THC E-Liquid vape experience, reach for a sub-ohm or even RDA style mod. These units give you airflow and temperature control so you can dial your settings up or down.

When you add that control to the flavor and strength options Wax Liquidizer gives you, you’ll see why people reach for our product.

We love it every time you do.

How To Make THC E-Liquid Mixes

If you have a heat source, a vape that you can fill, and some concentrate, you can easily turn concentrates into e juice. It only takes three simple steps and literally a few seconds.

Microwave Method For Fastest THC E-Liquid Mix

Grab a microwave safe mixing container and your concentrate. Place your concentrate into the container. Now add Wax Liquidizer. We suggest a ratio of 2 mls to 1 gram of concentrate.

Most vapes will also handle a thicker mix of 1 ml of our solution to 1 gram of concentrate.

Some people like a little toke on the go and a gentler juice is great for that. For those occasions, hit 1 gram of concentrate with 3 mls of Wax Liquidizer.

Whatever strength you choose, add that to your concentrate.

Next, put that for a 10 second spin in your microwave. When the bell rings, stir it up and move it to the tank or pod of your choice.

The Non-Microwave Method For Custom THC E-Liquid

To avoid the microwave, just use a hot water bath or double boiler method to heat your juice combo. You can find examples of how to do this at our website.

It still takes less than a minute for Wax Liquidizer to perfectly incorporate your concentrate. It will then stay stable for weeks.

Choose Your Flavor Today And Whip Up Your THC E-Liquid

If you don’t like the sound of blueberry THC E-Liquid as much as our vapers in the video do, try Strawberry Cough, Ice Hit, or even our original version with no flavor at all. There are 6 to choose from in total.

When you turn concentrates into vape oil with Wax Liquidizer you’ll save hundreds of dollars and enjoy the tastiest juice around.

Vape on!