You Can Make Cannabis into E-juice or E-liquid – Super Safe and Easy Thanks to Wax Liquidizer. This process is not only super easy it gives you an option of six smooth and tasty flavors. Check out this video to see how easy and all the benefits!

While other methods of turning marijuana into e-juice can be dangerous, time consuming and leave you with an e-liquid that has a harsh chemical aftertaste you can forget about those now. So let’s get started making some tasty THC packed oil for your personal vaporizer or vape pen. First off we will need a few materials lo make this happen starting with a cannabis source packed with THC. These are called concentrates and you can pick them up at your local dispensary. In the video you saw how to turn wax to vape juice. Here is a sample list of a few names and types of cannabis concentrates you should look for to make into e-juice.

  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Buddha
  • Honey Oil
  • BHO
  • Live Resin
  • PHO
  • Crumble
  • Sugar Wax
  • Rosin

Now that you have your main source of Cannabis /THC the only other ingredient you need is Wax Liquidizer. This is all you need to turn concentrates to vape oil This special blend of the highest quality ingredients is formulated to not only liquidize the marijuana concentrate but to eliminate any unpleasant aftertaste. That is exactly how our Wax Liquidizer original formula works. Once we had refined the liquidize solution we then have had our lab combine great tasting flavors from natural herbs and fruits using the perfect proportion to the solution. The result is 5 additional Smooth tasting e-juice flavors.

  • Ice Hit – (Menthol Flavor)
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Pineapple Express
  • Grape Ape
  • Banana OG
  • Original

Now let’s see just how simple it is to make great tasting e-juice for your vaporizer or vape pen.

You can also view this video How to Make Cannabis into E Juice on Vimeo

Now you see just how easy it is to make great tasting e-juice out of any cannabis concentrate. In fact Wax Liquidizer makes it so easy to enjoy smooth and tasty vaping of THC that the product testers at 420 Pony awarded it 420 Product of the Year for 2016.

Now if you didn’t know when you vape cannabis e-liquid there is no odor. You may smell just a hint of Grape Ape, Banana OG or the tasty flavor you have loaded in your pen but that is it. Now just imagine how this can affect your 420 life style. You may just enjoy taking Fido for a walk in the park as much as Fido does… lol. Use your imagination the possibilities are endless… Vaping cannabis concentrates is as easy as hitting the Shop for Wax Liquidizer Now Image! Start Vaping Wax Today!!