Press Release December 7th 2016
2016 was a great year for us a t 420 Pony! Our 420 Pony Testers spent time testing everything from LCD Grow Lamps to Dab Rigs. If it was 420 related 420 Pony had a tester checking it out. After comparing all of the products we tested and reviewed we are Proud to announce the Winner of Our 420 Product of The Year Award!

The 420 Product of the Year Award is proudly presented to “Wax Liquidizer” this product caught our attention and superseded our expectations. These outstanding qualities separated Wax Liquidizer from all other 420 products.

  • Unique Concept to 420 Consumption
  • Healthy Alternative to Smoking Marijuana
  • Ability to Bring Two Growing Industries Together

Wax Liquidizer brings a unique concept to enjoying 420! Today the advent of marijuana concentrates known by names such as Wax, Shatter, Rosin, Budder are common place in 420 dispensaries. These concentrates allow users to enjoy 420 without all the tars and carcinogens of smoking raw leaf or buds. Wax Liquidizer allows users to turn wax into e juice. The liquid 420 mix can be used in your Vape Pen and is much healthier for your lungs and respiratory system.

Wax Liquidizer is a product that makes it easy to turn concentrates into vape oil  this is a quick and easy process. This is brings about a huge advantage in the consumption of your concentrate. The benefits include

  • Temperature Control
  • Anonymous Consumption
  • Great Flavors


Using a Vape pen you can control the temperature of the ignition of the 420 mix which makes it a highly effective. The lower temperatures allow the THC and cannabanoids to be consumed much more efficiently. Now that you have your vape pen loaded with the 420 mix using one of Wax Liquidizers delicious flavors you are ready to vape. Vaping at the skate park or when walking the dog are now an option in your everyday routine.

Wax Liquidizer comes in 6 great flavors. Banana OG, Grape Ape, Strawberry Cough, Original, Ice Hit and Pineapple Express. Our favorite was Banana OG followed closely by Strawberry Cough.

Wax Liquidizer Wins the 420 Pony Product of the Year Award by:

  • Making it a breeze to enjoy 420 in our daily routine
  • Making 420 Consumption Healthier
  • Making both of these Easy and Tasty

One of our 420 Pony Testers stated: “This stuff makes Vaping Shatter a part of my daily routine…. So easy and So tasty!”

Congratulations Wax Liquidizer!
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