Marijuana Product Theme

If you’re thinking about where to start your projects about website design for cannabis dispensaries, the name “WordPress” has most… Marijuana Product Theme

Marijuana Product Theme

If you’re thinking about where to start your projects about website design for cannabis dispensaries, the name “WordPress” has most likely crossed your mind. And it’s no surprise since almost 30% of the world’s websites are hosted on this platform.

WordPress began as a “simple” blog generation platform. Still, thanks to its open-source system, it has managed to increase its functions to make super complete web projects or very complete online stores, including many online stores related to cannabis products. 

Generally, to make your website in WordPress, you had to learn how to move around the tool and know some code, which is not intuitive. That’s why WordPress themes exist to make life easier for people who want to have a great website but have no experience in design or programming.

It is not surprising that many of the businesses that have flourished during the cannabis regularization boom in some countries decide to use the WordPress platform to host their marijuana dispensary website design. However, you should keep in mind that the market for cannabis products is still relatively young, and so it is difficult to find suitable WordPress themes for website design projects for cannabis websites.

That’s why we used the experience we gained creating Flynt, our cannabis business website creation platform, and created one of the best WordPress themes for cannabis businesses with our team of online marijuana store website designers.

With our WordPress theme, business owners no longer have to worry about nail their cannabis website design or hiring expensive agencies. 

Everything a cannabis retail business needs is in our WordPress marijuana products theme. So if you are just starting your business, our theme is more than enough to get you started.


The theme comes with ready-made pages that allow you to speed up the process of designing your website as if you were an expert. Our most experienced designers worked on this theme to help you implement best practices that will allow you to maintain a good number of conversions on your website. Among many other things, these are the main features of our WordPress theme designed specifically for cannabis businesses:

  • You have access to a page builder with a drag and drop interface.
  • You can customize all the elements of the theme to fit your business branding.
  • You can set global styles, so you don’t waste time with individual changes.
  • Pre-defined but customizable forms
  • Extra tools you can set up as a newsletter and blog subscription
  • Ability to verify the user’s age
  • GDPR compliance
  • SEO optimization for your website to appear in better positions in the search results of your clients organically

Accessibility settings so that any user can explore your website without barriers or impediments

Our WordPress theme for cannabis website design is one of the best you can find. Still, for users who want even more customization power, security, and speed, we have our own website creation platform that you can try without the need to pay in advance. You can learn more about our cannabis store web design-builder:

Marijuana Product Theme