Today the act of using a vape pen also known as an atomizer or vaporizer is becoming a more common practice to consume marijuana. To be more specific vaping wax has become more popular to consume the psychoactive properties of cannabis known as THC. There are two options available to achieve this.

Option one is to buy a vape pen that is designed to load raw plant into the device and consume the plant raw. This sounds simple but there are several drawbacks. The portable vaporizers designed for raw cannabis can be quite pricey. This in and of itself may not be a problem for you. However loading the flower or bud can be a time consuming and tricky task.

Most vaporizers will work much better if the flower has been ground down to a powdery substance. This allows the heat element in the vape pen to have more contact with the actual material. Now getting the powder into a small chamber may not be the easiest task. Once the chamber is loaded you will need a higher temperature to vape marijuana efficiently. The higher temperature can result in a harsher taste and consumes more battery life.

The complications don’t stop there. The shorter battery life is accompanied by chambers that usually only hold enough of the ground cannabis for a small quantity of hits. Once finished the chamber now needs to be cleaned. The sticky residue left can affect taste and the function of the vape pen. As most of us know cleaning resin from tight spaces can be a quite time consuming and a sticky business. You may be interested in the article “Wax Vape Pens – The Ugly Truth” for more information on this.

Option number two is to buy a marijuana concentrate and turn it into vape juice. Marijuana concentrates are readily available in both MMJ and Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries. These concentrates are exactly what the name implies, concentrated marijuana. The THC or psychoactive properties of cannabis are concentrated from the plant into a concentrate that is high in THC. The concentrates have different textures and vary from a dark gold like honey to a yellowish butter color.

In fact marijuana concentrates are commonly referred to by the name that they resemble. Some of the more popular concentrates are Wax, Shatter, Honey Oil, Crumble, Rosin, Budder and BHO. These concentrates can be found in your local dispensary. Once you have chosen the concentrate you like you will need to turn it into liquid. This is commonly referred to as ejuice, vape juice, e-liquid, vape oil and sometimes simply oil.

Now you are ready to liquidize the marijuana concentrate. There are several DIY methods however if you read a few forums it is easy to see if you want a quality vape juice that doesn’t separate it is much more time and cost effective to purchase a quality brand liquidizer such as Wax Liquidizer or EJmix. These products will not separate into layers when you liquidize cannabis concentrates.

The process of turning Wax, Shatter, Budder or other concentrates is very simple with Wax Liquidizer. Check out this video to see just how fast and easy this process is.

This video on how to Turn Wax into Vape Juice is also available on Vimeo.

The advantages of Vaping Concentrates using liquid are numerous as compared to using flower or dry vaping. First, no special vape pen or atomizer is required when you vape e-liquid made from concentrates. Higher temperatures are not needed so battery life remains very similar. The chamber or cartridge can be filled and last over time the same as your non-THC-infused vape juice does. You may notice your coils get gunked up a little more. In all reality other than the fact that you are vaping marijuana-infused ejuice the vape pen or atomizer function the same as regular vaping.

Another very distinct advantage to vaping cannabis infused oil is the taste. Well, I can only speak for Wax Liquidizer on that note as not all liquidizers are equal in this realm. Wax Liquidizer is designed with the highest quality ingredients to make sure that not only does the THC-infused vape oil not separate but that it does not leave any chemical or plastic type of aftertaste associated with some liquidizers.

Wax Liquidizer offers their liquidizer in 6 great flavors. The original formula that offers a smooth clean taste and five additional flavors based on natural extracts from fruits and herbs.  These flavors include Pineapple Express, Grape Ape, Banana OG, Ice Hit, and Strawberry Cough. A sampler package of all six flavors and the Wax Liquidizer  Wax ejuice Mix Kit is available for also at a great price!

It’s no wonder that Wax Liquidizer was named “420 Product of The Year in 2016” by 420 Pony. If You’re ready to turn your concentrate into liquid there is only one thing left to do….