The word Vape and Vaping seem to have become more popular than e-cig. However, there are a lot of names for the devices and liquids that go in them.  Let us know what you call your rig… if you don’t see it listed let us know by leaving a comment.

New industries always create new terms and language and we are interested to see what the most popular name is in 2017.

Make sure and leave us a comment on the funniest name you use or have heard for a Vaporizer or Vape Juice.

When it comes to vaping wax or the name of your favorite herbal infused vape juice to add to your vaping device the name to remember is simple… Wax Liquidizer. Wax Liquidizer makes it easy for you to make cannabis concentrates into e-juice. Watch this video below to see just how easy it is.

Thanks for taking our survey and make sure and leave the funniest name you have heard for a Vape device in the comments.
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