Turning Wax into Vape Juice for your vape pen is easy with Wax Liquidizer. In fact not only is it fast and easy Wax Liquidizer works with most marijuana extracts. This includes Shatter, Budder, Rosin, Crumble, BHO and many other of the clear based yellow to gold type cannabis concentrates. Take a minute to watch this video and see just how easy it is to turn wax into oil for your vape pen.

You can also see this video Turn Wax into Oil for Vape Pen on Vimeo.

As you can see this method is fast and easy. If you are hesitant to use a microwave and have concerns about it diluting the strength of your wax then watch this quick video to see the hot water bath method of turning wax to oil.

This video Of How to Turn Wax to Oil is also available on Vimeo

The ease of use of Wax Liquidizer combined with its Great Taste is taking the revolutionizing the vaping of wax. In fact, Wax Liquidizer was recognized as the 420 Product of the Year in 2016. One of the key elements that separated Wax Liquidizer from its competitors was the great taste it provides. The proprietary blend of Wax Liquidizer comes in six great tasting flavors.  Grape Ape, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough, Banana OG, Ice Hit, and Original. You can also get all six flavors and the wax e-juice kit at a great price with our wax to liquid starter kit.

The other aspect that separates Wax Liquidizer from the competition and DIY Wax to Vape Oil products is that Wax Liquidizer doesn’t separate. Once you mix your wax, shatter or other cannabis extracts with Wax Liquidizer it will stay in a nice consistent vape oil, no need to worry about it separating into layers like a cheap salad dressing.

A great benefit of vaping wax oil is also the fact that it produces odorless clouds. That’s right! Imagine how this can compliment your 420 lifestyle. You can vape wax, shatter, and other MJ concentrates while walking the dog or who knows what… just use your imagination.

When you are ready to turn concentrates into e-liquid and start vaping great tasting wax infused vape oil then there is only one thing left to do