Heathcliff CAMPBELL

I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and have ordered twice now. Canada Customs stopped the first order, so it took 18 days to get from Colorado to here. The second order was NOT stopped and made it to me in 5 business days. That is correct. So, Canadians, this product is still so new, do not be surprised if your first order is Customs-delayed and takes longer. Hopefully, Customs will learn quickly, as I anticipate they're going to see A LOT of this product coming north! Especially until we convince local businesses to distribute it so we can avoid cross-border shipping times, etc. This product is everything people say it is - and more!! The YouTube videos show how simple mixing is; my pocket is already showing how economical it is! Here, a local store is selling 0.5m refill vape pen cartridges for $80CAD each! I can purchase 1/2 gram of shatter for $20CAD , add Wax Liquidizer and refill 3 or more cartridges! After a single month, my cannabis med costs are going down. In fact, might I share that, were it NOT for Wax Liquidizer, I would NEVER have been able to switch to the healthier vape pen.... Thank-you!! One question, please. In my exuberance of mixing, I mixed 1/2 gram of (Pink Kush) Bubble Hash with 2ml of Liquidizer. Currently, my vape pen is functioning okay. But, I read above that bubble hash is NOT recommended. Nuts! Will I be okay to smoke through these and just not do it again? Or will smoking through even this amount shorten the life of - or terminate - my vape pen? Please advise. I'll check back for your reply. Otherwise, I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this product. As long as I use vape pens, I suspect I will be a regular customer. I've only tried the original, flavourless, so far as I didn't want to spoil the delightful taste of my favourite Pink Kush. But, I am intrigued by the consistently "happy-surprise" feedback surrounding the Pineapple Flavour, so am hopeful to treat myself to this flavour on a future order. I've been telling so many people about this product that you'll doubtless enjoy a few more orders from the Vancouver area. (Including relentlessly bugging my 2 local cannabis clubs to carry it.) Can't say enough; this is a real benefit! THANK-YOU!!!