Happy New Year from Wax Liquidizer! Before we look at what is in store for 2017 let’s take a look at some of the events of 2016. Seems there was no bigger news than the 2016 election. It certainly was something we at Wax Liquidizer found very interesting.

Voters in nine states voted on whether to legalize either the recreational use or the medical use of marijuana. Those states included: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada and North Dakota. Out of these nine States all passed a form of Marijuana legalization except for Arizona.

This brings the total number of States that have some type of Legal Marijuana to 28 and the addition of Washington DC. This would include either recreational MJ or medical MMJ legalization. The United States now has more than half of the States recognizing Marijuana as a legal substance. Will this be enough to tip the scales to Federal Legalization?
Marijuana is Legal in these States

Of course we can’t talk about 2016 and not mention the biggest story out there, The Presidential Election. While many in the mainstream media were convinced Hillary had the Election won it was the uprising of Donald Trump a non-politician who will now be our President. This has many interesting aspects to it. Let’s look at a few of these.

Donald Trump ran as a Republican representing the conservative voters of the USA. He ran on the “Make America Great Again” slogan. He has appointed an Attorney General who is anti-marijuana. However, I personally believe that if his administration focuses on drugs it will be heroin and opiate addiction.  I actually see great hope for the Marijuana industry under a Trump administration. Here are just a few reasons why.

Donald Trump on MarijuanaFirst and foremost Trump is a business man and is all about Money, Jobs, and the Economy. Yes, the last two are campaign promises so we can’t be sure. However the fact is his life has been focused around and about making money and growing businesses. Legalized Marijuana has been a job creator and a tax boon to many states. In Colorado, in the first 5 months, sales of Marijuana were close to half a billion dollars. It takes people with jobs to sell that much Pot.

In order to create more jobs Trump has been a proponent of getting rid of Federal regulations that Govern industry. This would be a complete contradiction if he were to step in and start mandating Federal Laws on the marijuana industry. In fact many of his positions have been to give more power to the States. If this is truly the case he would not intervene on the will of the people of the states that have legalized pot.

Trump… a social conservative… who knows. This is anyone’s guess however if you look at his answer on Gay Marriage which was  “There is no issue it has been declared legal” and his stance when the transgender bathrooms were getting all the media attention I think it favors Pro Marijuana by States. If you recall when the transgender issue came up he said it should be in the hands of the States that the Federal Government had more important issues than what bathroom people should use.

When asked what bathroom Caitlyn Jenner should use he said she could come to Trump Tower and use whatever bathroom she wanted… and she did. Trump does not smoke or drink and did his best to raise his children to do neither. However I do not see him going after the tobacco, liquor or marijuana industries.

So I believe the new legalization of marijuana in Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada and North Dakota will move forward in 2017. This will include the opening of MMJ dispensaries in some states and recreational MJ dispensaries in others. This is where we at Wax Liquidizer are excited.

People in these states will soon be exposed and have the opportunity to enjoy cannabis in concentrated form. Products like Wax, Shatter, Budder, and Rosin will be on dispensary shelves and the chance to enjoy THC packed concentrates while consuming less tars and carcinogens from the raw plant will be an option. Turning these concentrates into e-liquid and vaping concentrates will now be easier than ever for the people in these states.

Wax Liquidizer makes it easy to turn shatter into vape juice or any of the popular concentrates found at MJ dispensaries. You can see just how easy it is to turn wax to e liquid here or just follow the directions on how to make wax into vape juice here. We have a bright outlook for 2017 and you may say High Aspirations. We Wish All of You A Happy New Year and the Best for 2017!

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