How to Vape ConcentratesVaping wax has great benefits. The almost odorless clouds provide a discreet vaping experience you can enjoy almost anywhere. A nice smooth cool tasting vapor instead of a hot smoldering smoke not only tastes better it’s a much healthier option. Thankfully vaping wax has become super easy. You no longer have to try stuffing wax into a specialized high priced vape pen and blowing through batteries to vape your wax. You can turn concentrates into e-liquid easily now..

The solution to vaping wax with great results is to liquefy your wax. It only makes sense. Vape pens are designed to vaporize vape juice. Whether you call it e-liquid, vape oil, e juice or vape juice they all have one thing in common – They are liquid. Think about it…. What turns into vapor the easiest a solid or a liquid? Unless you have an old vaporizer gun from the early Star Trek shows the answer is simple.

Knowing this it only makes sense that if you want to vape wax, shatter or any other concentrate then you need to turn concentrates into e-liquid. The way to do this with the best results is use a vape pen the way it is designed to work. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel by trying to make a square object roll smoothly. Trying to turn solids into vapor using a vape pen is exactly that. Wax Liquidizer allows you to put a round peg in a round hole and stop trying to force a square peg ( a solid) into a round hole ( turn a solid into vapor)

The process of turning wax into vape juice is super fast and easy. Just mix some wax with Wax Liquidizer warm up the mixture and stir. Load the mixture into your vape pen and start enjoying wax infused e juice. Yes it really is that easy. Take a look at this video and you can see the whole process takes less than 2 minutes! Yes.. in less than 2 minutes you can be vaping wax.

Discreet and Tasty Wax to Vape

Not only is it easy to turn wax to vape juice, the benefits are outstanding. The vape solution you have created allows you to vape your wax in a super discreet manner as the clouds have just a faint odor. Wax Liquidizer comes in several flavors. The flavors offer a smooth tasty vape experience and also leave just a trace of an odor to the clouds you create.

Wax Liquidizer offers 6 great flavors to choose from these include Grape Ape, Pineapple Express, Banana OG, Ice Hit, Strawberry Cough and Original. All are designed to be used with any standard vape pen using low voltage. The need for high powered batteries and fast battery drain are not an issue when you use Wax Liquidizer to vape your wax.

Wax Liquidizer uses a proprietary blend of FDA approved ingredients to produce a smooth tasting vape juice that doesn’t separate in your tank or cartridge. Our wax e juice mix kit also comes with a spare container so you can keep some spare THC infuse vape juice with you if you run out during an adventure.

EJmix WholsaleThe questions of “How to Vape Wax?” What’s the best Wax Pen” have been put to rest. It is a simple solution that the best way to vaporize anything is to start with a liquid. You can look at water as an example. What is going to produce Steam faster, easier, and more efficiently Water or Ice? You can find a great break down on using wax pens to vape wax in the article “Wax Vape Pens – The Ugly Truth

Wax Liquidizer is revolutionizing how concentrates are vaped. In fact 420 Pony awarded Wax Liquidizer with the “420 Product of the Year Award” in 2016. The use of concentrates has allowed users to enjoy the properties of marijuana they seek while eliminating many of the tars and carcinogens that come from smoking the raw flower. The benefits are ven greater when you take a way the smoke, and replace it with vapor.

When creating the vapor the use of a low temperature not only makes for a much smoother draw that is easier on your throat it also maximizes the efficiency of releasing the cannabinoids and THC from the concentrate. So the real question may not be ”How to Vape Wax?” The real question may be what is the best way to vape wax? If you are looking for great flavor, discreet vape clouds and the most efficient use of your wax the answer is Wax Liquidizer. Having trouble deciding which flavor to try? Make sure and check out our Sampler Pack a great deal on all 6 flavors with our wax to liquid mix kit. Turn wax into vape juice with wax Liquidizer.