DIY Cannabis Vape Juice Cartridges Made Easy

Cannabis vape juice cartridges are one of the hottest trends in cannabis right now. What is a Cannabis vape juice cartridge? It’s one part technology and one part cannabis and the result is an easy way to vape your Cannabis discreetly and safely. See how easy it is to turn wax into vape juice and make cartridges. See the benefits of DIY Cannabis Cartridges in this quick video.

What Is A Cannabis Vape Juice Cartridge?

Cannabis vape juice cartridges work just like the nicotine ecigs and vapes you or your friends already use. A vape juice cartridge is the term for the disposable ‘tank’ full of Cannabis vape juice. The tank fits on or comes with a battery to power it. Together, the cartridge and the battery are commonly called a vape, pen, or even an ecig.

Inside the tank there is a ‘coil’ which contains material like cotton or ceramic that gets soaked with the vape juice. When you fire the battery, the inside of your tank heats up and turns the juice soaking the coil into vapor.

You can buy these cartridges in most dispensaries and even online. They’re pretty great, partly because they vape and don’t combust cannabis, which is currently considered a safer way to toke. Additionally, using one causes a lot less smell so it’s easy to vape on the go. Not to mention, anyone watching will probably just think you’re trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

Making Your Own Cannabis Vape Juice

There are two major drawbacks to using a THC vape juice cartridge to take your cannabis. The first problem is availability. If you live in a place where cannabis is still illegal, it may be impossible to even get your hands on one.

The other huge problem with these handy cartridges is cost. Ask anyone who loves them and they will tell you: find cheap Cannabis vape juice and you’ve really accomplished something. The cost can skyrocket quickly.

Thankfully, it’s now possible to make our own Cannabis vape juice in a cost-effective way at home. Wax Liquidizer makes it easy to make Cannabis e-juice with some concentrate, a little heat from your microwave or a hot water bath, and any kind of ejuice vape pen.

Simply follow the steps on the bottle and measure the amount of Wax Liquidizer solution you need. Use the heat proof shot glass we provide in our kit to mix the liquidizer with your concentrate to turn wax into vape juice infused with tasty Cannabis. You can pop it in your microwave for a few seconds or place the glass in a small amount of hot water to gently warm the wax or shatter and solution. Either way, a few stirs is all you’ll need and you’re almost ready to vape.

Once your solution is infused, use the blunt tip syringe we also send you to draw up your cannabis e-liquid and fill any reloadable vape cartridge.

Step By Step Instruction On How To Use Wax Liquidizer

How To Vape Cannabis Juice

Still wondering what is a Cannabis vape juice cartridge? The best way to finish explaining it is to illustrate how to vape your cannabis vape juice.

Refillable vape cartridges load from either the top or the bottom depending on their style. Refer to your manufacturer’s directions and unscrew the top or bottom of your tank. This is where you put your vape juice. Remember to avoid putting any juice in the ‘chimney’ of the tank.

To clarify, the chimney is the small metal tube in the center of your tank. Therefore, you want to drip or squirt your vape juice gently down the inside edge of the tank between the chimney and the glass.

Next, screw the top or bottom of the tank back into place and screw the whole tank onto your battery. Some batteries have a button on them that fires the heating element. Others will do this for you.

If your vape has a button it may also have variable heat settings. Again, check out the website for the company who makes your vape if you need more details. If you can change your heat setting, always start with the lowest one first and adjust until you’re satisfied.

Now you’re ready to hit that button and take a hit or draw on your vape to inhale the vaped Cannabis ejuice.

Troubleshooting Your Cannabis Vape Juice

You want an ideal viscosity in your tank for the best vape. You can adjust the amount of Liquidizer you use to get there, just use our guidelines as a starting point. At all costs, you want to avoid a ‘dry hit’ which means inhaling the bitter burnt taste of a burning wick inside your tank.

Dry hits happen when there isn’t enough liquid saturating the wick inside your tank. This could happen because you’re chain vaping or hitting the vape a lot in quick succession. Another reason for dry hits are not waiting a few minutes for your wick to saturate before you start to vape. Give your tank up to 10 minutes to really soak up the juice before you fire it.

Priming your vape can also help avoid the dreaded dry hit.

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