420 Vaping

New industries create new words/lingo. Two new industries that are taking the country by storm are:

  • Vaping Industry
  • Legalized Marijuana Industry

When it comes to Vaping Wax no one would have known what the term meant just a few years ago.
Both of these industries – Vaping and Cannabis have created a vocabulary that is evolving.  Some of the new terms tend to stick while others tend to go by the wayside. Here is a quick breakdown of some these words. Let’s start with the Title of this article and go from there. ( Add your favorite terms in the comments if we missed it)

420 – Marijuana, Weed, Cannabis, Pot, MJ, and about a zillion more names

Vape = Similar to smoking but inhaling vapors not smoke

Liquidizer – Turns 420 Concentrate to Vape Juice

Vape Pen – Instrument used for Vaping

Vaping – Same as the act of smoking but inhaling vapors

E-Cig – Same as Vape Pen, early term not used as much these days

Vape Juice- Liquid that is used in Vape pen to create clouds

Clouds – Term to describe large exhale when vaping

E – Liquid – Term for Vape Juice preferred by Vape Industry Officials, not consumers

E – Juice – Same as Vape Juice

Vape Oil – Vape Juice, sometimes just referred to as oil

Infused E Juice – Vape Juice infused with substance (usually THC)

Infused Vape Juice – See above

THC – Psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana that provides buzz

Concentrate – Concentrated forms of Marijuana high in THC

Wax – Most popular form of marijuana concentrate, wax type texture

Shatter – Popular Marijuana Concentrate, very brittle and hard

Budder – Another Popular Marijuana Concentrate, texture like you guessed it… Butter

Crumble – Popular Marijuana Concentrate similar to wax but crumbly

420 Infused Vape Juice – THC Vape Juice

Wax Pen – Way to Vape Wax in solid form (less efficient than liquid)

Vape Flavors – Flavored Vape Juice

Vape Tongue – When your taste buds burn-out on a flavor and can’t taste it

Vape Porn – Posting pics of Vape Pens Vape Clouds etc… on the Internet (not pornographic)

Cannabis Extracts – Liquid form of THC made with a Liquidizer

MMJ – Medical Marijuana

Dispensary – Where MMJ and MJ are dispensed in States with Legal MJ laws.

We know we have just touched the surface of the terms evolving in these industries. Do you have a favorite we have missed? Make sure and help us with our list in the comments section. 🙂